The Emu Park Museum is a not for profit organisation staffed by volunteers who have been providing information and valuable assistance to the general public since 1984.

The Museum also acts a sub-tourist information body, and has many pamphlets and brochures for the visitor.

The Museum offers research assistance for those seeking information about past residents and historical occurrences in and around Emu Park.

Information is available about King O’Malley who recuperated at Emu Park after a serious life threatening illness. King O’Malley went on to start the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

The Museum has a vast collection of railway paraphernalia including old buildings, trolleys and a working model railway.

Other collections of note include natural history, wood carvings, antique sewing machines, dolls, cameras, hand tools, bottles, shells, gramophones and old photographs including one of the ‘famous’ old Croc which hung on the outside wall of the Pine Beach Hotel.

Be sure not to miss our Maritime Museum which contains a huge collection of outstanding model ships ranging from the earliest vessels through to icons such as the Endeavour and Victory along with more modern naval vessels and commercial vessels.

POSTAL ADDRESS: 17 Hill Street, Emu Park (Qld) 4710
PHONE: (07) 4939 6080 MOBILE: 0499 239 025

EMAIL: epmuseum@tpg.com.au

PRESIDENT: Allan Morieson
VICE PRESIDENTS: Rudolph Lenhard, Laurel Coppard
LIBRARIAN: Denise Bird